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 How does it Work: The Science of High Ozone Shock Treatments

      This antivirus treatment functions, on simple, scientific principles.

Ozone is created in nature in the upper atmosphere every time there is a lightning storm.

Ambient atmospheric oxygen O2 is converted into O3 when it comes in contact with high frequency (voltage) electricity. The way that ozone kills viruses, bacteria’s & mold (and eliminates odors or VOCs) is via OXIDATION. Did you ever pour hydrogen peroxide on a cut? Hydrogen peroxide is H2O2 or H2O+O. When you see it begin to fizz, you are literally watching the oxygen molecule, O, break off of the water molecule, H2O; after the reaction what is left is simple water or H2O. As the oxygen, breaks off the water molecule, via free radical oxidization, the microbe or germ is killed or destroyed. Ozone is the gaseous equivalent of hydrogen peroxide; instead of being O2, pure oxygen, it is O3, O2 +O, or ozone gas. When it encounters a virus, germ, or VOC (odor) it immediately begins to oxidize it, just like hydrogen peroxide.


    In fact, ozone gas kills viruses, bacteria, and mold 3125 times FASTER than chlorine bleach!


     The really neat thing is that within 30 minutes of the Treatment has been ended, all that is left is simply pure OXYGEN, as the singlet or free radical oxygen has a very short half-life. Thus, this makes ozone as a disinfectant agent most green and environmentally friendly solution and suitable for repeated and ongoing sanitation use in buildings meant to be occupied (after treatment) by humans and animals. There is no residue left on surfaces except destroyed viruses and bacteria.

    Now if you still not satisfied with the explanation, we compel you to do your own research, we will be happy to provide more detailed info from scientific studies to make you a believer.




What is meant by electrostatic force?

the electrostatic force is also known as the Coulomb force or Coulomb interaction. It's the attractive or repulsive force between two electrically charged objects. Like charges repel each other while unlike charges attract each other.

The oligodynamic effect


(from Greek oligos "few", and dynamis "force")

is a biocidal effect of metals, especially heavy metals, that occurs even in low concentrations.

How does O3 Injected VHP Fogger Disinfection Treatment or 


BiO3VHP™ treatment works:


     Pass Inspections and Prevent Illness by Sanitizing Planes, Trains, Office Rooms, Airports, Ambulances, Hospitals, Restaurants & Other Spaces with an Electrostatically Charged Atomic Metal Ion VHP Fogging Sanitizing Treatment. Here We Offer A Unique Ozone Injected High-Level Metal Ion Enhanced Vapor Hydrogen Peroxide Sanitization Treatment That Reaches Virtually Every Surface, Crack & Crevice with an Eco-Friendly, Ozone Enhanced Dry Mist that Kills Mold Spores, MRSA, Yeasts Bacteria & Viruses (including Corona Virus COVID-19) and More in Hospitals, Airports, Schools, Gyms, Industrial Facilities, and More, With No Aerosols or Harsh Chemicals, No Odor, and No Residue, All at an Affordable  Rates! 

     Sanitize homes, hospital clean rooms & industrial businesses with the best antibacterial, antiviral & sporicidal commercial vapor mist disinfection treatment. This treatment uses a powerful combination of oligodynamic tri-metal enhanced hydrogen peroxide injected with ozone gas to Sanitize all accessible surfaces in minutes, disinfecting a whole room into 99.9999% for all listed pathogens with the most advanced natural, green, eco-friendly virucidal, germicidal, bactericidal & anti-microbial peroxide solution. Both Ozone and Hydrogen peroxide are proven to kill Herpes, MRSA, E. Coli, AIDS, Legionella, measles, a variety of virus types including HIV, flu virus, Corona Virus (COVID-19) and much more! When VHP and O3 are used in combination a massive amount of Hydroxyl radicals are generated which are 3000x more powerful than chlorine bleach! The angstrom sized or individual oligodynamic tri-metal enhancement leaves a massive surface area of copper, silver and zinc elements on the areas treated to continue killing germs after the treatment is finished and to keep them germ-free. Using our mobile sanitization service creates safer, non-toxic medical facilities, airports, trains, busses, school classrooms, correctional facilities, daycare centers, gyms, surgery centers, emergency rooms & other spaces with no toxic residues or chemical odors


     Why the Bioblaster O3 Injected VHP Treatment™? The BiO3VHP™ Sanitation treatment is the first mobile, hydrogen peroxide-based fogging treatment method capable of disinfecting a space via a combination of Hydroxyl generating technology. Typical sanitizing systems rely on dispensing chemical and turning off once the desired coverage is achieved, or depend on manual spraying, The BiO3VHP™ goes further by focusing on a maintained pathogen-killing zone. And since the ozone gas is injected into the dry fog and then electrostatically charged it reaches virtually every crack and crevice, the BiO3VHP™Treatment is proving to be much more effective and less expensive than other costly UV robot systems on the market. The BiO3VHP™ Treatment:

   •  Kills mold and germs in every nook, crack, crevice, cul de sac, and 3D interface. 

  • It is superior to old-fashioned "spray and wipe" techniques which cross contaminates and misses hidden spaces where pathogens hide. 

  • Saves time energy and money by reducing excessive labor costs.

  • Works superlatively in all categories of water loss including CAT 2 & 3.

  • It is extremely effective for crime scene clean-up, biohazard, decontamination and emergency transport. • It Is extremely effective for public transportation, schools, municipal buildings, bio-terror, and much more. 

  • • Offers Up to 20,000 Cubic Feet of remediation or disinfection PER HOUR! • Specifically designed with the demanding customer in mind, the BioO3VHP™ is perfectly suited for smaller spaces yet powerful enough for large areas, and effectively combines with our other Bioblaster ozone generators for radically enhanced kill.

  • • Compared to other fogging or vapor mist disinfection systems, the Bio solutions are uniquely effective, non-toxic and non-corrosive, which cannot be said for solutions such as Chlorine Dioxide, Vital Oxide or Peracetic acid, hypochlorous acid-based chemicals, which only kill gram-negative(MRSA)-level bacteria and below. 

  • It leaves behind individual atoms of copper, silver, and zinc to keep the surfaces treated germ-free for up to a month after each treatment. These powerful oligodynamic metals have been used in Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years and for thousands of years water has been stored in copper and silver pitchers because of its known germicidal qualities.

  • Our proprietary Angstrom sized or atomic-sized oligodynamic tri-metal ions mean a surface area potential incredibly vaster than any simple nanomaterial which increases the kill zone and coverage. The BiO3VHP System is perfect for applications such as Airports Hospitals, Extended Living, EMS, Transportation Schools, Commercial Spaces, Athletic or Sports Facilities, Jails, Detention Centers & Police, Aircraft, Fire & Rescue Departments, Municipal Buildings and many more!. 

      FOR MORE THOROUGH DISINFECTION AND REMEDIATION Droplet or fog particle size is of the utmost importance when disinfecting or remediating a space. The BiO3VHP™ nano-fog generator assures nm range or 1 up to 5-micron size fog particles, for a dry mist and the best coverage without damaging liquid saturation created by other foggers. This incredibly small particle size combined with the penetrating ability of ozone gas also allows for more complete sanitization, going far beyond old-fashioned manual disinfection methods or even other straight VHP systems. The BiO3VHP system also offers better coverage than popular UV light systems, at a fraction of the cost. UV light cannot penetrate into hidden spaces or under objects that remain hidden in shadows. When VHP is combined with ozone gas, long-chain peroxides and Hydroxyl ions or HO radicals are created, these ions drastically shorten the Ozone life in the area meaning it can be re-occupied more quickly after treatment. When the function of the oligodynamic atom-sized tri-metal ions are added they are so small that they easily travel inside the 1 micron-sized fog droplets and are then electrostatically charged to cling to all surface, whether directly sprayed or not. This powerful 1-2-3 germicidal knockout formula is non-toxic, petrochemical-free and unbeatable, by comparison to other product solution or application technologies.These nano coating treatments are great for public transportation, trains, buses, trolleys, and many other areas where large cumbersome UV systems would be difficult to use and shadowed areas abound.  Application is possible for larger spaces as well as high volume foggers for industrial sized treatment area coverage.

Billing & Pricing

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1. HIGH OZONE SHOCK TREATMENT TM - 50 cents per square/ft

2. BiO3VHP TM FOGGING                           -  75 cents per square/ft

3. PRE TREATMENT CLEANING                  -  ask for a free quote

4. ODOR REMOVAL SERVICE                       - from 50 cents per square/ft

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